Complete Chassis Service
A complete 45 point chassis inspection that includes the lubrication and adjustment of the bike's mechanical systems. This is an exclusive service and available only at Roy's. This is a great yearly maintenance routine that will ensure your bike is at it's best.

Cleaning and rebuilding; Keihin, Mikuni, etc. Power Commander and Dyno tuning.

Valve adjustments and tune-ups.

Calipers and Master Cylinder rebuilds.

General Maintenance that includes parts and necessary installation, mounting and balancing of new tires.

Prior-to-buying inspections.

F.Y.I. re: Scheduling
All repair work is by appointment only. This is your drop-off date and not the date repairs will be completed. Our busy season begins in January and runs until late summer. Please have bikes only 1/2 full of fuel when they arrive.